Your company needs us if:

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  • If there is a lack of leadership in your teams
  • If talent management is a challenge in your company
  • If your team is having difficulty adapting to the new economic-business context

Performance coaching for companies, managers and professionals

The leaders of the future will be those who achieve their maximum personal and professional development, leading their companies to their full potential.

Unlock the potential of every person in your organisation by giving them the tools to collaborate with others, manage their time and make a distinctive contribution to help build a culture of success.

• Increase Productivity       • Multiply Results         
• Empower leadership • Attract and retain talent

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performance coaching
  • Increase productivity and multiply your return on investment
  • Unleash the full potential of your employees and build a successful company
  • Become the company that attracts talent and the will to work
  • Achieve the operational excellence that your company needs
  • Motivate your employees and you will have a great impact on your customers.
  • Good internal resource management is a guarantee of excellent results


Patricia Mata
Zeida Nodal

Patricia Mata

Performance Coach by vocation, mother, genuine and tireless entrepreneur whose ultimate goal is to achieve excellent results, Patricia is convinced that change and the capacity for self-improvement are within the reach of each and every person.

With a financial background and a long history of success in the development of businesses and fintech products in various leading corporations, our Coach has developed emotional and interpersonal skills that she combines with a continuous theoretical and practical learning of the strategies that work for each of us: learn by doing. Curious by nature, innovative, with charisma and a great capacity for synthesis, Patricia is capable of bringing out the talents of each client and accompanies them along the best possible path: the most productive and healthy one. Avid for knowledge, family-oriented, sporty and concerned about the fate of the most vulnerable, she loves to be in contact with the authentic, with nature, with interesting people and with her family. Eager to contribute and influence people and their companies, Patricia Mata is the Performance Coach you are looking for in your project.

Read more about Patricia in her book:

CARLOTA REVOLUTION: What are you waiting for to unleash your inner power?

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Zeida Nodal

Performance Coach, mother, innovator and with a lot of courage, Zeida believes that we must make the most of life to the best of our abilities and is convinced that technology is a key element for professional and personal development, as long as we use it in a healthy way.

A manager with extensive experience in markets, in the sale of complex investment products and in the digital transformation of traditional financial businesses, Zeida considers herself a good person who is eager to give and learn. Our Coach enjoys challenges that scare others and is a tireless seeker of results that make a difference. She likes to achieve all the good things that are sometimes the enemy of the best: good projects, good talent management, good results and, of course, good food, good wine and good human relationships. He loves the sea, sport, outdoor activities, reading, driving, crocheting… and new technologies. She is concerned about injustice and bullying, in general, and she faithfully believes that doing good for others is a worthy and feasible goal for all of us. For all these qualities and for her extensive training and experience in people change management and team management, Zeida Nodal is the Performance Coach who will accompany you in the growth of your project.

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How much do coaching sessions cost?

The price will vary depending on the needs of the company, number of employees and estimated time to achieve the established objectives. Contact us and we will provide you with a tailor-made proposal.

Is the coaching process deductible from Corporate Tax or Personal Income Tax?
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How long does a coaching process last?
Can the sessions be held virtually with a computer or mobile phone?
Is the coach obliged to comply with any kind of compliance or code of ethics?